GTS Headquarter

GTS Elevator Head office and Factory (İstanbul)

Our company has been carrying out all R&D, Design, Manufacturing, Tests, Logistics and Post-Assembly activities in its own factory, which has been established in Istanbul Sancaktepe and has a closed area of 6.000 m2 since 2009.

Metal Parts Manufacturing

We design the most critical construction and metal parts production of the products we design completely and produce them in our own factory. (Cab, Frames, Consoles, Engine Base Chassis etc.)

Production of components for 400 elevators per year
GTS Asansör çözümleri

Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing

Control and Software is one of the areas where we are strongest.
Since its establishment, GTS Elevator has been carrying out all electrical works such as electrical project design, control panel manufacturing, software, socket installation, with the most experienced and trained engineers and technical staff in the field.

Every year, an average of 400 elevator control systems with the most technological equipment are produced.

Quality control

Our own production control panel, ready-made installation and other components of the elevator (Motor, Hydraulic Power unit, Inverter, Signalization, Door, etc.) are brought together in the factory and all the requirements and sales options of the standards are tested and the Quality Assurance procedure is completed before shipment.

When you buy a GTS branded elevator, all tests are made in our factory before shipment.
Each GTS branded elevator, which is assembled on site, is also definitely subjected to Final Control Tests before being put into service in the field by our supervisors and / or engineers.