Our Quality Policy

As GTS Elevator, it is our basic policy that the products and services we produce meet the expectations and requirements of our customers in the best way.

  • We know very well that quality is possible with a team of qualified people.
  • We carry out activities in accordance with laws, regulations and standards.
  • We create an environment and opportunity for our employees to continuously improve both themselves and our system.
  • We continuously increase our competitive power by closely following all changes and technological developments related to our subject.
  • Knowing that quality is a teamwork, we take care that our employees, products, product suppliers and even our customers are “the best”.
  • In our products and services, we first question our own taste.
  • By protecting our principles and values, we work in good faith without forgetting that these values come before our financial expectations.

Ozan BAŞYURT, Deputy General Manager, is responsible for the effective implementation of the quality policy.