GTS Slope

Durable vertical transport solutions for all kind of slops


630 kg – 8 persons
800 kg – 10 persons
1000 kg – 13 persons
1150 kg – 15 persons
1275 kg – 17 persons
1600 kg – 21 persons


1.60 m/s
1.00 m/s


Machine Roomless
With machine Room

Energy efficient


Easy Maintenance

Long lasting


Cem Yıldırım

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Our Core Values


Security is our top priority. We Strive To Ensure That All Our Employees Are Always Safe For The Passengers Who Use Our Products And For The Installation & Maintenance Service.


For a long-term cooperation and work with our customers; We set targets according to the highest standards in the products we use and the services we provide.

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It is very important for us that all processes are based on human values. Our most important principles are to be sincere in everything we do amongst ourselves and with our customers, to do our best, to show a fair and impartial approach.

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