GTS Elevator

Our Business; Elevator Engineering

As GTS, we offer our customers project consultancy, complete product design, supply and assembly, and after-sales maintenance and breakdown service solutions. We are always at your side with our experienced team of experts in order to add value to your buildings and provide you with the best service.

GTS Headquarter

Our Core Values

Work Ethics And Integrity

It is very important for us that all processes are based on human values. Our most important principles are to be sincere in everything we do amongst ourselves and with our customers, to do our best, to show a fair and impartial approach.


For a long-term cooperation and work with our customers; We set targets according to the highest standards in the products we use and the services we provide.


Security is our top priority. We do not only fulfill the requirements of the standards in order for the passengers using our products to travel safely, but we also work to increase their safety levels. In addition, we take the necessary preventive measures to ensure that all our personnel working for assembly & maintenance service are always safe, and we ensure that occupational safety awareness is created through training and exercises to ensure that these are permanent.

Customer Happiness

We could not come to this day without our loyal customers. For this reason, we strive to ensure that all our customers are always satisfied with their relationship with our company. We work to improve business continuity processes and systems to ensure that our customers are never left without service.

Our Mission

In Vertical and Horizontal Transportation, to make products (Elevator & Escalator & Moving Road & Platform etc.) in accordance with world standards and to create added value for our company and our country by offering these products to the service of our customers.

Our Goal

To further increase the brand value we have reached in the elevator sector, in our country and abroad, and to create new values that all people will benefit from.

Our Values

  • We work to raise the image of Turkish goods all over the world.
  • We believe in meeting the expectations of our customers and employees.
  • We fulfill our promises on time.
  • We believe in continuous improvement in quality.
  • We believe in innovation and know that training and education are part of our job.
  • We attach importance to the reputation of our company and our brand.
  • We never abuse our customers’ trust in us.
  • We maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and understanding.
  • We are sensitive to protecting the values of our company.

Our Principles

  • GOODWILL is our primary principle in all our relationships.
  • We believe in WORKING to succeed and win.
  • While doing our job, we give importance to MORAL and LEGAL VALUES.
  • We believe that our Knowledge, Skills and Opportunities will increase by SHARE.
  • We consider facilitating human life the basis of being CIVILIZED.
  • The real capital of our company is HONESTY.
  • Together with our profession, we believe that the values of LOVE and RESPECT are passed on to future generations

Our Environmental Policy

We are committee to minimizing our sustainability and environmental impact. We strive to design, manufacture and distribute our products in a way that minimizes environmental impact, as well as helping to save energy while using them.
It has always been very important for us to be aware that our care for the environment and that our naturel resources are limited and must be used responsibly. Our Corporate Responsibility initiatives and programs aim to promote environmentally friendly products.
The awareness and responsibility of our employees to protect the environment is ensured by training and information at all levels.