Working together we can do the best

What you need in your project
horizontal and vertical conveying solution
Let’s Design Together


we design

We know that the elevator profession is a field of business that includes many disciplines. Such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, construction … Experienced GTS Elevator engineers will recommend the most suitable elevator for your project and make a custom design for you. It is among our priorities to offer you the most advanced technologies in the most optimum solution without compromising any security measures.


we produce

We help you bring your thoughts to life. We are very happy to produce the designs we put on paper in our own factory.
We produce the most important components such as control, control software, all electrical installations and connections, well communication packages, emergency communication system solutions, mechanical construction in our own factory.


we mount

A good elevator and timely delivery are among the most important promises we make.
Insufficient assembly knowledge will negate the advantages of the best material.
For this reason, we follow the assembly processes very well and we do assembly with our engineers and experienced craftsmen.
We attach great importance to the use of the best hand tools, employee safety, product protection and environmental relations in our assemblies.

Registration Procedures / Green Labeling

we document

All elevators with GTS brand installed on-site are delivered and registered in accordance with local and national regulations.
The lift contractor is informed at the right time in order to avoid any possible non-compliance with the legislation.

Each GTS branded elevator delivered is followed by an ARCHIVE system consisting of a perfect hardcopy and softcopy that can be followed for many years.

Maintenance and Technical Service…

we provide service

  • Our maintenance priority is based on human and work safety, not commercial.
  • Periodic maintenance and breakdown service is an integral part of our business.
  • GTS definitely offers local maintenance service solutions in every market it sells to.
  • Each elevator with GTS Maintenance agreement is covered by the product and 3rd party insurance.



About modernizing an existing elevator or elevators in existing buildings without ever finding the most appropriate solution to a building Turkey’s best engineering company in …

Buildings with elevators;

Perhaps you need a new solution partner for a modern elevator.

  • We make your elevator’s safety perfect and save at least 50% energy.
  • By modernizing your existing elevators with GTS branded products and components; You can easily solve your needs such as quality, comfort, energy saving and legal compliance.
  • If you contact our sales department, you will find the right solution and suggestions.

Buildings without elevators;

Barrier-free living spaces and easy access, the right of everyone, including the disabled …

  • 10 cm is a huge obstacle for some.
  • Modernization: It is also the art of creating value for every subject.
  • With this approach, we believe that we will add value to your buildings without elevators with GTS products.
  • Experienced GTS engineers listen to you, inspect your building, plan and manufacture the most suitable product for you, install and test it, and only COMFORTABLE DAYS LEFT for access….