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Inclined Elevators

Inclined Elevator Solutions For Extreme Needs

The ride in the light, spacious cabins offers comfortable upward gliding and the best views. Climbing stairs and lugging baggage up are no longer necessary. Hillside developments, vacation homes on the faces of mountains or public facilities such as train stations, hospitals, restaurants, churches, observation decks, etc. are now accessible to anyone.

GTS Inclined Elevators

Inclined lifts are weather and winter proof. Automatic sliding doors, comfortable seats, custom-designed interior, intercom system and additional technical details ensure a pleasant ride.

Inclined lifts for terraced settlements – satisfies almost all mobility needs in this area. From the lift controls, which cover all known functions such as full load, no load, collective controls as well as call acknowledgement, direct entry control and much more to the automatic cab and level doors, the customer determines the lift use.

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