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It is a profession that seeks consideration of elements such as electric, electronics, mechanics, construction technique, project characteristics in combination. Therefore, the selection of an experienced and strong company requires utmost care.

About the elevators of GTS

Our Company, with a close trace of technological developments and more over, by developing technology, has handled all kinds of elevator projects in every capacity, introducing solutions with high technology and quality, in full profitability, in most economical terms, and in conformity with the environmental applications. All kind of Traction or Hydraulic Elevator; load and passenger, car and bed with panoramic or normal car installation and contracting.

It is provided in our website that our excellent installed elevators are working around the world, serving above billion people each year. With an ever-growing experience, GTS can provide solutions to you in every phase of your project including consulting, engineering/manufactoring, contracting and maintanence.

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Elevator Types

Here are the elevator types, grouped by their type of traction and type of usage.

Type of Traction

  • Geared-Traction Elevators / Machine Room is above
  • Gearless-Traction Elevators / Machine Roomless – MRL or with Machine Room – MR
  • Hydraulic Elevators / Machine Room is inside or side of shaft

Type of Usage

  • Passenger Elevators
  • Cargo Elevators
  • Vehicle (Car) Elevators
  • Hospital Elevators
  • Dumbwaiter Elevators
Type of Traction Machine Room Capacity  (kG) Speed  (m/s) No. of Stops Travel  (m) Traffic
Hydraulic Below, Beside 320 – 10.000 0,30 – 1,00 ≤ 7 21 Low
Geared Above – MR 320 – 2.500 0,40 – 1,60 ≤ 16 48 Low & Mid
Gearless In Shaft – MRL 400 – 3.000 0,50 – 1,75 ≤ 32 100 Low & Mid & High
Above – MR 400 – 5.000 0,50 – 4,00 ≤ 45 160 Low & Mid & High
MR: Machine Room   MRL: Machine Roomless

Hydraulic Traction


  • Larger capacity and larger car
  • Quick installation
  • Doesn’t need a penthouse or overhead support to house the machinery
  • Flexibility in the location of the motor room
  • Easy emergency landing by UPS or manually

Gearless Traction


  • Save space, No Machine Room
  • Low Energy consumption (up to 30% – 60%)
  • Low Vibration, Low Noise
  • Low Motor Size
  • Protects environment
  • Direct approact to the floor
  • Easy Emergency Landing by UPS

Sample schemes

MR Elevator

MRL Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator