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The rapid growth of the building industry and associated technologies demands parallel growth in the field of vertical transportation. Elevator industry needs qualified engineers in the field whose knowledge keeps pace with technological and scientific developments.

We are qualified and professional engineers about vertical transportation, have more than 20 years experiences and complete knowledge about international and local standards and know what the customers need.

We are

  • Engineers – Estimate and Provide solutions for vertical transport in daily life.
  • Designers – Design according to requests, needs and standards
  • Developers – Follow technological developments, create new technologies
  • Manufactures – Manufacture what we dreamed and developed.  We have our own controller and elevator control software, no need outsource support
  • Installers – Have experienced and professional technicians for designed products
  • Auditors – Before public usage, all products examine by our engineers


GTS Elevator Controller and Pre-Wiring

Controller is the most important part of elevator, because of, it is the brain of it.

Our Elevator Controllers and Pre-Wiring are manufactured in own facility by GTS engineers and technicians. Each electrical components of elevators are individually being Tested (Controller-Traction Motor- Car Door-COP-Hall Buttons-Signals-Shaft Information)


What are the GTS Elevator Controller’s Differences;

  • We use PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) instead of PCB (Printed Circuit Board). PLC usage provides a flexibility for customer demands. It means, easy and optimum modification.
  • One type PLC is suitable for all kind of elevator application (Geared, Gearless or Hydraulic). We use Mitsubishi Brand PLC and Contactors which are designed for heavy industrial conditions. It means, long term working life.
  • We have our own Custom Design and Dynamic Controller Software.
  • Easy and fast installation and maintenance.
  • Elevator Controller’s products comply EC Directives
  • PLC is a protected microprocessor product – Zero hazardous risk-
  • Easily Software update utilities
  • All Input & Output signal can be displayed on PLC
  • Small size – Big Step & Function Capacity
  • Free Maintenance
  • Supporting of UL, CUL standards
  • Compliance with EC Directive ( CE Marking )
  • Requirement for Compliance with EMC Directive
  • Requirement for LVD (Low-Voltage Directive)
  • Associated Manuals
  • Screen Error Log (latest 20 trouble happened  in which floor)
Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi Contactors

Mitsubishi Contactors

GTS LiftSoft

GTS LiftSoft



CC-Link Communications System developed by GTS Engineers

  • There are only 4 cables in shaft.
  • Pre-Installed Shaft Communication Equipment.
  • Easy and Fast Installation
CC LINK Communication

CC LINK Communication